Friday, October 06, 2006

taming of the shrew or what's in a smile

today, police station. car damage. one policeman for 10 people in a line. me tired. the policeman shouting. angry. me silent and soft. my turn. i smile. talk soft. he calms down. i ask politely why is he angry, since he is going to work all day long. he pours his soul out. he is sick. the other colleagues weren't there. i told him, using the same soft voice it's a pitty. suddenly he finds in me a conversation partner. the others at the line astonished. me intrigued. or proud. i tamed the shrew.
me, my smile and my soft voice. my fortune, to be short. for my head is in between all these


Iulian said...

Good going, although I have something against people that are in a line and try to make conversation with the person in the booth (daca am zis-o stramb, sa stii ca intentionam sa zic ghiseu :P )

I will also write about this on my blog in the near future, so beware >:)

Monica said...

I wasn't willing to talk to him! to quote:" he found in me a conversation partner"...and I was astonished!
and, in fact, wasn't that better than to listen to him shouting?