Wednesday, June 20, 2007

benefits of living on your own #8

you can walk around the house naked, doesn't matter what time is it, when there are at least 40 C degrees outside and there's no AC inside.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

driving through Romania

haven't tried it yet?
you need some medium adventure spirit..if you are one of those lazy drivers who prefer highways when we have the most surprising roads stop reading this right here.
If not, consider driving from Sighisoara to Brasov.
Stops suggested: Saschiz, Prince Charles' Viscri, Rupea, Feldioara
enjoy, then, the road to Brasov, and the you cross the speed limit on the straight way your eyes can just enjoy the mountain if the mountains grew from the road...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I had an idea...

...but sat still...I wonder if I believed it could have been put into practice by itself...anyway, nobody in Bucharest did it, so I proudly introduce you to one special Globspotters article: The best croissant in Paris.

As I sometimes forget about my diet, not too often though, the croissant is the dessert I usually indulge myself into, since it's not too sweet....
FIrst of all, you have to know a lot of people here in Romania believe croissants are those sticky things wrapped in alumina foil, with chocolate or champagne (!)fillings, something I would rather call chemical croissants. Then there are the croissants baked in the supermarket ovens, they might be OK, but I really cannot say more, because they are wrapped in plastic, so in about half an hour you get something chewy. So those in coffee shops are something to talk about. Nothing to die for, if I talk about the croissants I had here and there. Very disappointed with the butter croissant at le Chocolat: it is to greasy! The chocolate one is awkward, since the chocolate inside is something solid, though Belgian, meaning good. The almond croissant at Gloria jeans is something more like the Romanian panettone, cozonac, yellowish puffy dough and some chopped almonds spread on top. I never managed to taste the croissant at the Crem Caffe Royal, even if I go there 3 to 5 times a week, they don't have it , the waitresses say, and I wonder if that's not their policy to sell more expensive desserts to those who want something to go with the tasty coffee.

The best I had, though , in Bucharest, is the almond croissant at the Costa caffe. The almonds are inside, not spread on top, in a creamy stuff that makes me realise why many people love marzipan (I don't). If you plan to taste one, pray you have it very close to the moment they are taken out of the oven. I did have the luck, once!
Note to self: Monica, whenever you have an idea, put it into practice, you've seen how successful are your "benefits of living on you own" little stories!

LATER EDIT: The IHT correspondent in Paris, Thomas Crampton, who wrote the article that I was talking about, quoted me in his post! I am so happy! and craving for a croissant;)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

anybody sleeping?

Corelli- Nessun dorma- Puccini