Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 reasons to be happy

a year to say good-bye to...2006
and more than 2006 reasons to be happy and thank God in heaven for everything:
for my recovery, for so many real and mostly virtual friends I gained and kept these twelve wonderful months, for the chocolate I managed to sneak into the house, though it's on my forbidden things list, for the champagne I had in Barcelona, for the 30 years anniversary spend with dear old friends, for my bro's dog unconditional love shown in fluffy warm hugs, for presents I can't count I got from life, friends, acquaintances or simple strangers, for the few( though) love moments, even for a car I managed to treat badly, badly, badly, for a wonderful job in a very nice staff, for many things I learnt, for the music I listened to and the books I read, for the inspiration I need every single day. For a year that might be the baluster to another 12 months of joy, happiness, hidden sorrow and other things that belong to life.
Thank you, everybody!

now, the song part is extremely awkward...No ABBA Happy New Year's Eve but

this, for the title

this for the melody:

and this for ahh, for everything! especially the last 3 minutes

Thursday, December 21, 2006

it's time to..

..sit by the chimney fire and tell stories..

memories on my [ro]blog
music to listen, here:

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Munch, my love...

he's been following me for years, every now and then...


I keep hoping you'll come back to me
Oh let it be
Please let it be
Oh, my love, please end
These sleepless nights for me

Norah Jones- Sleepless Nights

Sunday, December 10, 2006

counting days until

Image hosted by
by veralebail

Santa will miss my socks...since I'll be gone,imagine that!
The world is mine, huh?

Friday, December 08, 2006

week end mood

somebody hold them!

my parents are decided to set law and order into my native town, Targu Mures..

I told you my dad caught a guy who stole a lady's bag? I did!
now, my mother managed to see some guys who were stealing from a car..

it was about 7 AM, and while she opened the window, she could see a car stopped near one parked outside our house ( thanks God we have a garage, though we did "supply" some of our car content to people who usually buy stuff from car robbers)and some guys taking out from a car the seats, mirrors, everything removable...

well, naughty mommy told something to the robbers, they didn't sketch a move, then she dressed and went outside...that is when the robbers drove away

Mom wrote down the number on the plates and delivered it to the police...

she said * * and I, as in the Romanian name Ion
policeman: Y or I?
mom: do you know a guy named Yon, or what?
policeman: maybe they weren't robbers, but the car owner asked the to fetch him some items in his car
mom: ...not!

If I were the Mayor, I would already note the M. family mighty deeds and keep them in mind for the end of the year awards( not!! they are not doing that in Targu Mures)

Proudly yours, these mighty people daughter:)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Roberto Carlos is not only a soccer player

a guy with the same name made ladies faint some 30 yrs ago...

let me introduce Roberto Carlos and his Un gatto nel blu

for those who want to sing at least the chorus:

Un gatto nel blu
Guarda le stelle
Non vuol tornare incasa senza te
Sapessi quaggiu che notte bella
Chi sà se un gra dolore si cancella
Un gatto nel blu ecco che tu
Sfondi dal cuore mio caro amore
Fra poco saral negli occhi miei
Anche stasera una lacrima sei

cartoon found here

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

when it's summer...

in Siam...


PS: the piano player is mine! I'll take him home! dixit!


New reason for Monica to go to Stockholm, especially since the Sweddish parl agreed Romanians can travel to the cold country having only an ID in the pocket...

plans: go to Stock, dressed the way I used to when playing with my bro ABBA> white jeans, long T shirt and that band on my head...
first visit: the Museum...the ABBA museum...two guys decided the Supa'troopa needed a place
filled with ABBA’s music, original clothes, history, images, instruments and much more that captures the group’s heyday in the 70s and 80s.

They promise an interactive experience where visitors can participate with all their senses.
yeah! eheeeeeeeeende iiiiiiiii aka I have a dream, as I perceived with my 4yrs old mind, making grandma believe I speak English...


Friday, December 01, 2006

me and my arrow...

St Nicholas, please bring me THE POINT, on DVD...I'll polish my boots, I promise!

Polish your boots!

Naughty kids get sticks, while good ones candies and toys...
I got a tag:) Spiridus asked me to name three things I wish St. Nicholas brought me on Tuesday night...
I'll polish all my boots, so I could find them all stuffed with goodies...


a Westie or a MiniSchnauzer like my bro's... I need a little spoiled fluffy thing that would bark happily when I come home


a ( another) fancy tea pot for my Roiboos parties;)


Candies I've only seen in London window shops...

I hereby tag Iulian to say what he would not want to get, for St. Nikolaus


big day today..Romania national day...not like 17 years ago, when we celebrated in August with beer, BBQ and marches on the streets...

well, some Romanians will still get celebrations dressed lightly..take NZ, for example: Romanian flag to fly on Auckland Harbour Bridge, in recognition of their National Day. The flag will be flown from 6:30am until 6:30pm.

full story here, flag found here