Thursday, December 07, 2006

Roberto Carlos is not only a soccer player

a guy with the same name made ladies faint some 30 yrs ago...

let me introduce Roberto Carlos and his Un gatto nel blu

for those who want to sing at least the chorus:

Un gatto nel blu
Guarda le stelle
Non vuol tornare incasa senza te
Sapessi quaggiu che notte bella
Chi sà se un gra dolore si cancella
Un gatto nel blu ecco che tu
Sfondi dal cuore mio caro amore
Fra poco saral negli occhi miei
Anche stasera una lacrima sei

cartoon found here


gretel said...

I grew up listening to his music because my parents adored him. Soon I did too.
Most recently he came to Miami, after many many years, needless is to say the show sold out. When he sang the last song of the night the public didnt want to leave, Roberto had to come back to he stage three times.

Monica said...

I am so glad for you! I don't think he is famous in Romania, where I come from...
but this song is so sweet!