Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 reasons to be happy

a year to say good-bye to...2006
and more than 2006 reasons to be happy and thank God in heaven for everything:
for my recovery, for so many real and mostly virtual friends I gained and kept these twelve wonderful months, for the chocolate I managed to sneak into the house, though it's on my forbidden things list, for the champagne I had in Barcelona, for the 30 years anniversary spend with dear old friends, for my bro's dog unconditional love shown in fluffy warm hugs, for presents I can't count I got from life, friends, acquaintances or simple strangers, for the few( though) love moments, even for a car I managed to treat badly, badly, badly, for a wonderful job in a very nice staff, for many things I learnt, for the music I listened to and the books I read, for the inspiration I need every single day. For a year that might be the baluster to another 12 months of joy, happiness, hidden sorrow and other things that belong to life.
Thank you, everybody!

now, the song part is extremely awkward...No ABBA Happy New Year's Eve but

this, for the title

this for the melody:

and this for ahh, for everything! especially the last 3 minutes


nikhil said...

love your spirit.may god keep you always happy,healthy and POSITIVE.
not just 2007 but onwaeds and onwards.

Monica said...

Thanks~!the same to you and Mauli and,who knows, maybe this year we get to know each other after how many years? 6-7? Oh God, how time passes!

merimeriquitecontrary said...

i know you, you know me... one thing i can tell you is "you got to be free"... Come together...Right now over me! :) :">

Monica said...

trim trim trim trim...shea
trim trim trimtrim...shea!

good with interjections,ha?