Friday, December 08, 2006

somebody hold them!

my parents are decided to set law and order into my native town, Targu Mures..

I told you my dad caught a guy who stole a lady's bag? I did!
now, my mother managed to see some guys who were stealing from a car..

it was about 7 AM, and while she opened the window, she could see a car stopped near one parked outside our house ( thanks God we have a garage, though we did "supply" some of our car content to people who usually buy stuff from car robbers)and some guys taking out from a car the seats, mirrors, everything removable...

well, naughty mommy told something to the robbers, they didn't sketch a move, then she dressed and went outside...that is when the robbers drove away

Mom wrote down the number on the plates and delivered it to the police...

she said * * and I, as in the Romanian name Ion
policeman: Y or I?
mom: do you know a guy named Yon, or what?
policeman: maybe they weren't robbers, but the car owner asked the to fetch him some items in his car
mom: ...not!

If I were the Mayor, I would already note the M. family mighty deeds and keep them in mind for the end of the year awards( not!! they are not doing that in Targu Mures)

Proudly yours, these mighty people daughter:)

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