Friday, July 11, 2008

first 2008 post

Gosh, me addicted to blogging, no more than two years ago, realized today I have no stories online for 2008. The truth is I blogged more on my Romanian one, though I haven’t been a graph maniac there either. Life!

Promise: October will bring more stories from more interesting parts of the world.

PS: I don't remember where I was telling stories about the spiders in my house. The fact is for more than three days two of them are on my left. Well, a good housewife would have cleaned the spots immediately. I and some other Romanians are superstitious. First: seeing a spider in the afternoon or better in the evening brings good luck. Seeing one in the morning, the opposite. The most important thing: never kill a spider. So there they will stay until the cleaning lady comes! I wonder what they eat and if they wander around, while I am not here.

PS: my two little ones are not dangerous, thanks for the good thoughts!