Monday, October 30, 2006

I've been literally and literary tagged

by Irene, in a chain that began here and where I've been before in [RO] ...

but I take it and promise to explain you a little what Romanian literature could do to people like me:)

It's about 5 Romanian novels that made me stay in the house for days (I was little, what do you know?)

so, so, so:

1. almost anything by Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu ( Romanian inter war female author) a little devil made me read her works when I was to little to understand everything...I read the books when I was older too ( Mommy, you should have arranged the books in a different manner on the shelves, so I could reach only literature for my age at that time! )

2. Ciresarii- by Constantin Chirita. Specialised in policiers ( The White Rose, The White Dove, The White Angel), he became famous for this series for children, a group of teenagers have all kind of adventures through the country...solving misteries is their goal. I cried when the fifth volume ended and I read this book for so many times ( I know, we don't have time to do that in a life, but I did it)

3. I also cried when I read In Medeleni- by Ionel Teodoreanu, when I realised I had only one volume to go... I cried when one of the strongest characters, Olguta, that I saw growing up, saying and doing so many naughty things and falling in love died. I cried when Danut fell in love with Adina, since I liked nice and kind Monica, I cried when I saw them growing up and all that childhood charm vanished from the action.

4. Mircea Cartarescu- Nostalgia, I am not denying the Glaring (Orbitor) and I am still waiting for that thick book Cartarescu is dreaming of, that thick you could write the novel name across.

5. 5...5...5…it's not about novels but about autobiographies and monographies: Jeni Acterian, Monica Lovinescu, Ioana Parvulescu, Gabriela Melinescu

final 5: George Calinescu Poor Ioanide and the Black suitcase( even for the moment when one of the richest women during the pre WWII era, now down, in the early communist era, refused to sell one of her best pair of shoes, because she could still find inside them some sand from an Argentina beach)

Guess who's tagged, Gorgeoux?

in the picture, on of the five libraries at the Oxford's Magdalen College.
Where I have longed to go since I was 10, after reading some English literature...


Zaza said...

gorgeoux double tagged :))

Monica said...

now she has to write...or vanish:)

Zaza said...

aaaah, "the" Magdalen....:))

suggestion for your niteshelf:

Javier Marias.


gorgeoux said...

Now you two have to read and comment :D