Thursday, October 19, 2006

read the signs!

..or accept the consequences...

since life spanked me twice in all these almost 30 years, I kind of became a freak regarding signs HE sends..warnings to change behaviour, I mean...

I found out, via Guillemette, that the little plane who destroyed a building days ago in NY didn't just crash into anybody's apartment.
It exploded into the empty bedroom of Kathleen Caronna, the Manhattan woman who was critically injured when a balloon knocked part of a lamppost onto her head during the 1997 Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Fortunately, Caronna wasn't at home but still...that was another sign, can't u see?

This story takes me to a doc I saw some years ago, about the Hiroshima old Japanese was telling an amazing story:
He used to live in Hiroshima and was there, when the big mushroom happened. He only remembers he was extremely dizzy, lost his hair and teeth, and took the first train that came into the station. He slept for days...and when he arrived at the destination, four days later, he heard another boom...that was Nagasaki.
The two booms didn't kill him, he was in his 80's in the documentary...what was the lesson he learned? That life is short and u never know when you get that spank?

full article here


Anonymous said...


ps: i am back with a vengeance ;)))

Anonymous said...

ps: Guillemette e o mare doamna, ba ! ;))

Monica said...

Zaza, of course ca Guillemmette nu e fitecine, e o mare doamna si o mare sursa...
dar Caronna are de invatat o lectie, parerea mea...altfel urmeaza flotila:)