Tuesday, October 24, 2006

i can do it!

OK I am not an artist like others...you won't find me painting or sketching or sculpting...but knitting I can do( the first money I earned were made of knitting sweaters that my mother put into junk shop [ consignatia RO], in my town...so I could see a lot of my creations on the street:)
When I found about Knitta please! I knew granny would finally approve the urban behaviour of the third millenium
Guess what I plan:)

more knitting tags, here
if you see one in Bucharest guess who did it!

1 comment:

Zaza said...


am luat/dat mai departe si ma intreb daca nu e oportun sa fac si io o leapsa cu straini ;))

oricum, esti pe lista madam, 'k tks ;))