Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Mummy returns

Romanian joke:
Alinootza, please take grandpa's body to the window, the postman is coming with his pension

OK, I'll try to keep it short and simple...

A Romanian guy has lived for more than a year with a mummy in his house.

Tough, hein?

well, let's dig and say more. Reexpress, Monica!
A Romanian has lived for a year and a half with his mother's corpse in the house.
He says the woman died a night when he was watching a football game, somewhere in 2005. When he discovered her, in the morning, he covered the body with a blanket and the face with a handkerchief( yeah, people, we, in Romania, still use handkerchiefs!)
He told everybody who was asking about the 77 year old woman she was away, in a Spa...until some relatives alerted the police.
The blue guys searched everywhere they could, except for the house. Until last night, when they could see the mummified body through the window ( those people were living at the first floor).
The neighbours admit they could feel a strange smell( yeah, roses and cinnamon) but thought it came from the garbage bins inside the block.

The guy says he was afraid the other heirs would kick him out of the house and especially of the fuss the unhappy incident of a human being death would create around him.

This is 2006, Bucharest Romania. The Halloween news program ends here.

full story here, in Romanian


gorgeoux said...

I would've said: the mommy returns. Then again, I'm a cynic.

Monica said...

yeah, especially that i called my mom Mummy, in a previous post...i realised it today...

i have a mummy- mommy trauma now...

Zaza said...

OMG, pensiaaaaa :))