Tuesday, October 03, 2006

and action!

Ok, I've had enough..while sailing on the web I bumped into this site and realised the little fluffy, inconcent, cute Teddy bears are in real danger-danger.
No more "Free Willy" actions, "Save the penguins" or the pandas!
Teddy bears are on the top of my list!
The guys from the RTD invite us to " watch in horror as pathetic, sentimental, and utterly defensless bags of fluff are shot, burned, beheaded, electrocuted, drowned, roasted, torn apart by machines, and more"
What that MORE is, I wasn't eager to know..

All I know is I'll get a SAVE TEDDY T-shirt, stand up and fight. For my right to have a cuddly, gentle and safe Teddy bear. For who knows where's that bloody Teddy buster.

pic found here, with tears in my eyes


ioana said...

nasty people!:-S

Monica said...

@James: thanks a lot, i like your site, since it's about music;)

@ioana: not nasty, criminals!

ioana said...

cold-blooded criminals! they killed teddy!:))

Monica said...

and plan to kill all of them! mind your fluffy stuff in the house! :)))