Wednesday, October 04, 2006

curiosity killed the cat, I know

but still...

I can see who is visiting this blog, everyday. The last days, I had a guest, a SPECIAL GUEST STAR, from ARUBA.
I wonder who he/she is...what he/she dreams
I wanna know!

cartoon found here


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who has the same problem as me... not knowing who is visiting its blog. Sometimes you have an awfully unfiendly visitor's number, that isn't saying nothing!!!

Ouups sorry, how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself: I'm Ana-Maria and I trying not to break the rule and write you in Romanian :)
Nice to meet you, and btw 10 more votes for "zacusca" and for the waxing types at home.
See ya soon

Monica said...

there are no rules here, use any language you wish and you think I understand..the list is long:0

didn't get the votes part. but I have an excuse : just woke up!
come back, you're a visitor a like!
and what's your blog?

PS: do you know anybody from Aruba?
I'm still searching:)