Sunday, October 08, 2006

a new week, a new day..

my horoscope says this week will bring me new friends and more than sure a love story...
so, come on everybody, clap your hands, count till three and sing, of course!

Regarde ta montre
Il est deja huit heures
Embrassons nous tendrement
Un taxi t'emporte
Tu t'en vas, mon coeur
Parmi ces milliers de gens
C'est une journee ideale
Pour marcher dans la foret
On trouverait plus normal
D'aller se coucher
Seuls dans les genets

R: Le lundi au soleil
C'est une chose qu'on n'aura jamais
Chaque fois c'est pareil
C'est quand on est derriere les carreaux
Quand on travaille que le ciel est beau
Qu'il doit faire beau sur les routes
Le lundi au soleil

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Iulian said...

Can't say I understood the French part of your post, but regarding the more familiar English part, do blog buddies count in that cosmic plan the Horoscope laid out for you ?

Monica said...

let's try and translate( where is Andreea Puticiu???)

look at your watch
it's already 8 o'clock
let's kiss tenderly
a cab takes you
you are leaving, my lovge
among those thousands people
it's an ideal day
to walk into the forest
we find more normal
to go to bed
R: Mondays in the sunlight
A thing we'll never have

si de aici zau daca mai inteleg si eu atat ce am tradus cat si cantecul asta frrrrrrantuzski

about the question...could count, goosebumps are the same...

Anonymous said...

my horoscope says this week will bring me new friends ...

well, apparently, it did

cheers ;))

Anonymous said...

translation of missing (obscure) parts, just because I want to be nice ;))

Mondays in the sunlight,
A thing we'll never get
Every time, it's the same thing
It's when you are behind your windows, at work, that the sky's beautiful

Mondays in the sunlight must be beautiful on the road

I know, sounds like babelfish, but French is such an elusive language...

Monica said...

he, he MERCI, and thanks for the translation I SAW in the song, only after singing it in the house, not realising it was 2 AM:))

then it goes on about how beautiful it would be but they two must be at work?

you were of great help:)

let me play that song again!
le lundi au soleeeeeeeeil...

Anonymous said...

Exactly ;)

ps: i don't have multiple personality disease, it's just my blogger going nuts ;)

Monica said...

what's wrong in having multiple personality?
we thank you for you, myself and Iulian who wanted to know...

Anonymous said...

you're more than welcome ;))