Friday, October 06, 2006

Tagged Bucharest

Got tagged by Gorgeoux, gotta live with it..and how I love the idea, since these days I celebrate 10 years from leaving Targu Mures to Bucharest...
10 years of illegal staying here( meaning no Bucharest ID, but I don't mind, neither my employers)
3 places I like in Bucharest: Calea Victoriei with the adjoining little streets, Cotroceni green shadowy streets in May, old Bucharest by night
3 places I hate in Bucharest: Piata Unirii, Electrica headquarters( or any headquarters where you pay utilities at the end of the month), any market except Amzei ( snobbish me)
3 venues in Bucharest where I like going out with friends: Amsterdam cafe, L'Institut Francais( including Cinema Elvira Popesco) a place on the top of the Ascensorul building, where you can see a nice Bucharest panorama( though I haven't been there for years:)
3 things a Westerner would not understand about Bucharest: why there's so much garbagge where you expect less, how comes trucks go almost everywhere their drivers want, with their loading uncovered( e.g the truck I was driving behind, today, loaded with stones), how comes there are no Bucharest Guided Tour Buses( idea, idea!)
Most snobbish neighbourhood: Snagov-Corbeanca-Gruiu
Ugliest neighbourhood: Ferentari- Zabrauti, never been there, though, but the echo keeps me away

I tag Clitemnestra, hoping I will finally get to meet her personally, and hoping too she doesn't hate being's a trend, sorry, and I waited so much to be tagged on this issue considering that 10 years aniversary in Buh!

Calea Victoriei pic found here


gorgeoux said...

I was tempted to name Calea Victoriei and Corbeanca myself. Happy 10 years among us illegal citizens of all kinds :*

Monica said...

thank you:)

I named Calea Victoriei for the achievement of not disappointing the image I had after reading Cezar Petrescu's "Calea Victoriei" and lots of other Romanian interwar novels...and for the long walks I like to take up and down the Calea Victoriei..remember we two first met in a building on Calea Victoriei?