Saturday, October 07, 2006

counting sheep

OK, I'm a night bird and today I pay the price...
I haven't been able to really sleep for over 36 hours, now and I don't even feel tired...
I stayed, though, inside, being afraid the sleep will come while I drive or God knows when..
blogged, chatted, spoiled myself with people I know or I don't
got compliments, hugs and kisses
ate rubbish I found in the fridge
watched TV
talked for hours at the phone
took some plant pills to help( don't even think I drank a coffee in the last weeks! or other energy drink)
I wonder how long it will last and what could happen besides collapse:)
Laughed heavily remembering Jules Renard's Carrot Top, who once decided not to drink water he managed to live without liquids, until one day he got thirsty and realised his mug was now used for other purposes in the house( his mum kept ash in it, as I recall), so everybody was happy with him quitting drinking water for good.
How would that be, to realise, one day, all the beds in my house are gone?

I know what I need and I am close to get it, but until then hot tea, a warm bath, good books reading, TV, internet are the only options...

sweetie is wating and seems very close to what she wishes:)

counting sheep found here

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