Wednesday, October 11, 2006

strange sensation

If have the feeling that the 11th of October is a key date

Did I miss something? anybody's birthday? a bill to pay? a deadline?
keep you posted if I remember...

joke: you know the benefit of being a scatterbrain?
you learn all the time only NEW things!


Anonymous said...

well, as you said earlier, you've just met all of us !!;-)

Monica said...

yeah, thanks to his royal highness the internet...but still. the strange sensation comes as a warning tonight I'm going to pay for being a scatterbrain:(


Anonymous said...

de la colz, mama, de la coltz ;-)

Monica said...

se prea poate

Iulian said...

I've been a scatterbrain for the past 2-3 years and look at me, all talented and smart and stuff :P And polite :D

Scatterbrainism nothing but good things.

Monica said...

of course, how would be all of us, if we were calculated, rigid and stuff?

I love all of us!