Wednesday, October 25, 2006

forbidden things #2

well, no more opera airs under the shower, Nelly Melba fans!

One of the most important Australian energy supplier made an unusual appeal to its customers, in an attempt to save electricity and water: stop singing in the bathroom, shaving under the shower or daydreaming while washing yourselves!A cold shower for the hot shower amateurs indeed, but the reason is serious. Statistics show Australians spend more than 7 minutes under the shower...and if they were more efficient they could save up to 100$ a year.

Monica suggestions:

  • if you really feel like singing in the morning, chose a short song
  • go with your lover under the shower( this way you get a clean back every day)

    Song suggestion, of course Rossini! Enjoy! Figaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaro!
    PS not under the shower, of course:)

full story here

cartoon found here


iulian said...

So I guess that my 15-20 minutes under the shower are utter blasphemy ?

Monica said...

yeah, and my one hour bath every day too:)
but I don't sing, and even quit reading in the tub...
this IS a water waste, indeed..

Iulian said...

we wouldn't make good australians :P

Gurinderjit Singh said...

Beautiful post, my friend!
Could I post this picture on my blog? please let me know at