Sunday, October 29, 2006

beating springs from heaven

An old Romanian saying that could tell a lot about the mentality here, near the Black Sea.

How could anyone try to change it, since an old saying preaches beating is the real method to sort things up?

A domestic violence case became a hot story in Romania, when a minor political figure ( a former nationalist party MP, then runner with no chances for Presidency) was arrested in Los Angeles after applying a physical correction to his mistress, whom he caught with another lover in her house.

Feel free to judge him after his name. Raj Tunaru was and is quite a character.

His parents loved Raj Kapoor (the Bollywood star) so much that named their little brat Raj.

Well, he proved to be more than a parrot actor since considered that being an EX ( MP) he has all the rights to claim diplomatic immunity during his arrest last month at a residence in mid-Wilshire.

Everything turned out to be false, and he was packed off to Los Angeles County Jail.

Then we, the Romanian media, started calling.. we've got bills to pay, hein?

American officials said he faces four counts, including felony assault, assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats and trying to prevent a witness from reporting a crime.
This sound very not unusual in some places here in Romania...

Of course it's not what everybody does, but remeber the saying...what other people is guided by such a word sequence? Buddhists would laugh, my opinion...

LATER EDIT: Tunaru was freed but still has the interdiction to leave the US teritory until the judges will pronounce themselves in this case.

full article on Raj Tunaru's adventures in the US here

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