Monday, October 02, 2006

presents we don't really want

this idea came some years ago, but I didn't know if to put it or not into practice...


there are some presents we get from people we care about but that are not always welcomed...such fragrances that are not suitable to our PH, or that we just cannot stand...

why not trading? find somebody else with the same sorrow, agree on the exchange and be happy without hurting the one who made the present( anyway: I am not a perfumes given as a present do you know what the other one likes?)

I got this Air du temps from a young lady with the same issue, and I am looking around the house for something to give in exchange...a Gucci or a Dior? still thinking...and have to ask her, anyway.

what else you can exchange: books you already have, CDs
what you cannot exchange: personalised stuff, presents that come from his/her heart:)

being too lazy to take a pic of mine, took the image from here

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