Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bonbini to Aruba!

well, until my special guest arrives, let me tell you a little about Aruba.

It is the place you want to be right now (despite the hot autumn we have in Romania, and the cloudy sky in Aruba, as their site says)'s all about the's a Caribbean Island, dohhhh!

Bonbini means welcome and most of the tourists that get here are more than welcomed, pay attention, to the Beatrix International Airport( I told you some time ago, my daughter's name will be Beatrix) I have to go, I have to go!
So the Airport is named after the Netherland's Queen, since Aruba is a member country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

You can't say you wouldn't love this island. As the CIA world factbook says, this country's only natural resources are the white sand beaches and everybody loves them, since nobody leaves Aruba, imagine that! The source I named claims the net migration rate is 0!
According to the Netherlands Embassy in Romania, we need a visa to get to Aruba, and as I searched the web it's quite difficult to get it. Papers, papers and papers... and some 2500$ to feel comfortable there.

Tips from the Three best beaches in the world

Hotels are pretty full, even during the off-season (from mid-April until mid-December), but you can save up to 50%!

What to wear: Dress is casual. Shorts, nice shirts, blouses. Some restaurants are "elegant casual"; long pants, sundresses. Reservations are appreciated.

If you hurry, you could catch Lionel Richie and Styx, invited to the Aruba music festival !

It so much to write about this place and that Godot I am waiting for didn't come back, yet, to give us some details:)

pictures got from Arubian(?) sites


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