Wednesday, October 11, 2006

horoscope freak, or what?

I just can't help myself reading the horoscope and feel glad whenever I see something I agree with...
" New channels of communication may open up for you today.
A female author whose works you enjoy could come out with a new book, MONICA.
You could meet some new neighbors who share your interest, or you could come into contact with like-minded people via e-mail or the Internet.
This promises to open up new territory for you, with regard to both your intellectual and social life. Your mind is going to be working overtime!"

I already have zaza, Iulian and Anamaria coming, the last 2 days...what's next?

I don't have a favourite female author...could I put Helen Fielding here, just because I love Bridget?
Of course I can, it's my blog, doooohhhh

dreaming girl found here


Anonymous said...

Everybody loves Bridget, including the slightly vulgarious translation of the "third batch" in the local Tabu magazine ;)

ps: where is your horoscope coming from??

Monica said...

now that you see what kind messages they send, you want to subscribe?

I read the first Bridget volume from the british council, then the Polirom versions...Tabu I read for other things:)

greeting from my friend Cristina in Paris, who totally agrees with your Paris Tagge( but who, I don't know why, didn't know she could post a comment)she's not a blogger:)

Anonymous said...

aaah, gave up that subscription centuries ago, I see they've improved it a great deal ;))

Greetings from me to Cristina, too, although I don't know her (well, now, just a little, eh?!?). Glad to see people drop by and have fun.

Iulian said...

"or you could come into contact with like-minded people via e-mail or the Internet."

I see that the horoscope is keeping in touch with the evolution of technology and communications.

Buuut as long as it turned out the way it did, i'm not complaining :)