Saturday, September 23, 2006


tough job...but since they established today it's Chocolate Day here are some memories linked to chocolate in all those 30 yrs I spent on Earth's not a TOP!
1. birthdays parties always included chocolate cakes, didn't matter how old I was...of course I couldn't eat...but if a brother forces you, can you do anything?!
2. When I was 2 or 3 years old, if mummy offered chocolate all I asked was: " is it Chinese?" "Why, Monica?" " Because it's so creamy!" meaning something better than the crappy Romanian chocolate we could buy back then, in those communist times... there were those little bars, with nice wrappers, with fishes or China landscapes

3.Since if you didn't have any relatives abroad or at least somebody you knew as a shop assistant to get some chocolate, chocolate made at home was the solution( for those who could get some cocoa, sugar, butter and powdered milk, almost all rationalised)...Mummy used to spoil us with al kind of mixtures...all yummy! tough job to search through the house where she's hidden the chocolate tray, though:)

4. a bag of hot chocolate powder mummy got from an aquaintance who came from Vienna..and we got a cup from time to time...not very often...I think that bag lasted for at least a year...

5. Chocolate bars granny got from her friends established in Germany or Austria

6. Hungarian chocolate that you could find, from time to time, before 1989 in Maci csokoládé...or Africana ( if you knew somebody in a shop, of course)
7. a Duplo little chocolate my mother's friend brought from Germany ( I still have that wrapper in a book, somewhere at home...and like any kid in Romania those time, I also had a chocolate wrapper collection...the pic I found on the internet, thanks to drage demon)
8. First Nutella on bread, that I ate in my friend Ioana's house

9. Some greek Melissa chocolate( red wrapper with some beeeees on it) a girl offered me at the math olympics..that girl is one of my few best friends, now : Cristina, from Paris

10. Terrible hot chocolate made from powder in fancy places that didn't admit that...flavoured...yak!

11. a tiny chocolate I got with my expresso at Cafe de Fleur, in Paris...near Cristina's studio, on Boulevard de Saint Germain...I still have it!

12. a Ritter chocolate transport( a kilo, maybe!!!) I got from an ex that wanted to reconquer me ... I loved the white chocolate with rice and nuts!

13.dozens of fancy chocolate boxes from the same guy

14. a chocolate box HE bought from the Harrods pretending it was for his mother AND IT WASN'T his mother, but another woman!

15. nice hugs and kisses Hersheys ( cutest bonbons I ever saw!) I got from the smartest guy I ever met .

16. good home made chocolate bars ( 5.000 ROL a piece= 0.7 Euro) I could buy at the gate, when I went to job...after 1 year I wasn't allowed to have some...

17. real tasty hot chocolate( classic or Maya= spicy) at Chocolat, last week

18. Chocolate that isn't chocolate, made from carob beans, the only that I am allowed to eat, in fact..for this is my biggest sorrow: I am a chocomaniac who shouldn't eat chocolate...for the moment, I hope...

what are your chocolate memories

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Just Expressing Myself said...

I had a Snickers for breakfast. Love your Choco Day post!
Found you on twitter
Frances aka coffeebarchick

Monica said...

Thanks, Frances!

Nice choco- breakfast indeed!

any chocolate-coffee mixture you know I should have written about?

Hanna said...

hey, what happened to all of you? found so many posts on choclate and nostalgia I ewonder if I missed something!

Monica said...

well, it is called the choco mood:)

cannot expalin why...

don't you have memories linked to chocolate?think deep!