Friday, September 29, 2006

shoe day!

OK, autumn is here, in the mood for shoe shopping even if I really don't need to add new ones to my huge collection...except for some flexy boots I am dreaming of but didn't find elsewwhere but at Campers .
besides that, I have to tell you the ankle boots are back!
I remember the '80s, where you could find only rubbish in Romanian shoe shops...this kind of boots you could see only in the magazines brought by friends who had the opportunity to travel outside the country...those precious magazines that were OK even if they were 5-10 old already:))) I used to play with my cousin a game called: "what would you buy if you could from this page?"and, unfortunately, we could have only one choice:( for a page

I still got some white ankle boots that I remembered the moment I saw this pair of Pennly-loves-Kenny on Zappos. ( not that they deliver in Ro)
I could only remember my mother accidentally ruined those boots by washing their interior and drying them near the stove:( anyway, they did their duty as served me for more than 3 years...
I only think of those times whenever I buy a new then u could cross a year with only one pair of sandals, one of shoes and some boots...and it wasn't poverty...but those Romanian times with grey clothes and shoes, when having bright coloured stuff was such a wonder...

Such a wonder that I cried, when I was ten, when I got some navy shoes instead of those turquoise mummy ordered at a shoe factory in Agnita that was working in lohn for I don't know whom...and I cried that hard that finally I got the turqoise pair too, and I was the happiest girl in the neighbourhood...

flexy boots I found on the web are these Esprits, those Tsubos, those Keen Londons and those Paladium Invasions, but I'm still considering ...loving those Keens( 2nd row, left), though

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