Tuesday, September 26, 2006

drink the champagne and pack your suitcase!

so, it's setteled: starting with 1.1.2007 Romania belongs to the EU

take out the byzantine festivism: drink the champagne, hold the speeches and laugh at the masses...for they will pull the plough..

I am packing...those people sneaking grapes at the hypermarket are not european!nor are those who broke my car window, during the night... nor more others...



jolienfant said...

You're right about those kind of people who aren't likely to change, cause it would be naive to think that e.u. is about to change them so soon. I figure out in your writing a certain disgust mixed with regret,and melancholy, a mockingly sweet style. Love it, keep going

Monica said...

well,I could have said more..it was time to stop, though...hope everybody understands it's only the beginning of climbing a high and extremely difficult hill