Wednesday, September 27, 2006


You must have thought about me I could be mental...with all my obsessions...
but when it comes to politeness...arghhh..better not talk

well, I bumped into the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette while I was saaaaaaaaailing, and realised I know nothing! Nothing at all!

The site is the place to get help when having trouble observing proper bathroom behaviour since their mission is to educate everyone on proper conduct in the bathroom, and in so doing the bathroom experience more enjoyable for everyone, end of quote

Everything is noted there, as you will see if curiosity leads you there, and not to the loooo: talking into that room, toilet paper hanging, which sink to use, what if you have to pee Really Badly( OMG, don't remind me of my waiting in almost an hour line at the Musee du Louvre Toilet!, or the rallys I took every day in Barcelona to find The place)

of course they sell something, didn't create a web site only to talk about something we might talk every day. Not that we needed all those stuff...but come on! I just couldn't resist spending those minutes in this Center.( wow, the address ends in .org, means they are serious, aren't they?)

pic took from the site

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