Friday, September 01, 2006

:O by Munch

I remember this painting from the art lessons in school..we were so impressed, that used to make jokes, hiding after a door and coming screaming in the
I also remember a sitcom character, Balki, making the same joke...playing mime or something...and miming Munch's Scream..

well, I was so eager to find out who liked so much that painting that robbed it...together with Munch's Madonna...

the news in all today's newspapers is that the Norwegian police recovered both paintings...nobody says who held them for more than two years, but there are some speculations about a suspect held in prison for another robbery was offered more favorable conditions in jail in the exchange for the two paintings...

today, on the messenger, I was fooling around with Dana, and came to the "conclusion" the thief might have been a good christian screaming amateur..
well, last night, anyone happy with the recovery could drink a champagne together with the people at the Blomqvist Fine Arts, which served as Munch's main gallery.

:O is the screaming emoticon on the yahoo messenger, and I like it a lot. it's a Munch!

painting crop found here, the other painting here

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