Friday, September 29, 2006

goodbye, my catless gwantser

a friend, former boss and one of the people who taught me so many things has gone for good, today...

he used to give me book reading and music listening tips, he was one of the few who told me Keep walking when life sucked and especially when it was beautiful.

we had jokes only the two of us would understand...

Rest in peace, Dan Goanta, I will miss our late night conversations, your stories with Tractoras- the fugitive cat, the thesis on how important it is to have tails like cats do, my Friday laughing when reading your articles in Dilema ...

Zametrasgibico ( You know)


Mister Ghost said...

Hi Monica,
Sorry to hear you lost your friend. That's always a difficult thing. The sense of loss. They say you never really die, if your
memory's still alive - so you will always have kind memories of him to hold in your heart.

I do not know what a Gwantser is.
A Romanian term of affection?
Alrighty, keep up the good Blogging and take care.
Mister Ghost

Monica said...

no, its the pronunciation of his name. as he worked for the BBC in London, they( the brits) never knew how to pronounce he suggested GWANTSER

Mister Ghost said...

That's a interesting anecdote.
I don't know how you get
Gwantser from Goanta - must be the
English Cockney accents. In the US, we would have pronounced his name Goner as in gone her. That's our funny accents. LOL.

Take Care.
Mister Ghost