Wednesday, September 20, 2006

day a la francaise

so today I was in my French mood...

I dressed navy and went to Chocolat, a place a finally discovered on Sunday..

I had a huge and not so healthy breakfast, to call it so...a tasty croissant, toast& butter& different marmelades( bad, bad, bad!) , a nice classic Chocolat au lait (they say the best in town and, since I cannot compare it to something else I totally agree) and a nice tea (minty and spicy)...not to forget about the Sun rays dessert( bad too...which is Mousse de vanille et framboises)... ( bad= contains sugar or animal fat, am not allowed:(... )

of couse I read a French newspaper and listened to their French music( agreed with Gainsbourg...Serge Gainsbourg, not with '80's France Gall)

agreed with the location, not with the furniture or the cutlery...nor the plates and cups( mine was chipped!!! not to mention it was nasty yellow with brown, I would have enjoyed real china:))and the napkins? the same yellow as my velcro rollers! that yellow:(( ...why can't they look, a little, to what Cafe de fleur has done, the moment Cafe de fleur has a place even in Japan?

day continued in a french hypermarche, where I bought some grapes and real French frommage

and it's only 4 PM!

je reviendrai!
breakfast pic found here

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