Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm going to die:(((((((((((((((

and I simply quote..being to lazy to comment more than I did in the title...
"Extreme laziness may have a medical basis, say a group of high profile Australian scientists, describing a new condition called motivational deficiency disorder (MoDeD). The condition is claimed to affect up to one in five Australians and is characterised by overwhelming and debilitating apathy. Neuroscientists at the University of Newcastle in Australia say that in severe cases motivational deficiency disorder can be fatal, because the condition reduces the
motivation to breathe."

British Medical Journal via Evenimentul Zilei

well, lucky me, in the end of the article I found something more optimistic: "common laziness is not a disease. People have an absolute right to just sit there.”

this could be my salvation...where to find a test or something to realise how lazy I am?

how lazy is somebody who came back from a trip the 11th of September( 2006, though, not the terrible 2001) and the suitcase is still in the middle of her dorm?

full article here

drawing found here ( never read the series, but now I'm interested:) )

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