Sunday, August 20, 2006

we speak the same language!

when I read gorgeoux today, I knew we speak the same language... orthodox chick, unorthodox food flick, with the mention she indulges herself more than I can well, we all have limits...)

Dear Cheezy Cheeky, not only we must meet, but we have to do a session... a food and tea one...

this is my a day i said to myself, what the hell, today no more vegan!

and this meant somon fume, emmenthaler, special goat + wallnut cheese and a bunch of cherry tomatoes...
dinner was more fun, under the same logo, risotto con frutti del mare

The next day was Friday so I fasted with no more than water and lemon... that was it, once a month I go this way...and I am OK

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gorgeoux said...

Ah, so this is what you meant by sending me a picture in a second. I do indulge myself, and that's why I used to have the figure that you still possess. And we must, of course. We must.