Monday, August 28, 2006

Me, myself and my car…or what a wonderful day!

Is this Karmic retribution or what?

Lovely Sunday morning, but I woke up at noon…read something, ate a mango with all my mouth, both hands and a poor T shirt…then went outside for a Mango- chill with O.

My poor little car was waiting for my in the front of my block with an ugly scar…then I had a revelation. Since the alarm rang some times during the night (and what a storm we had, in Bucharest!) one of my neighbours decided a rock in the car window will stop the noise. Too bad for him, I say, and I don’t believe in revenge as Hamlet, but in Karmic retribution, as I said…

Going to the coffee shop was OK. Parking, not at all. A young man wasn’t too sure of what he was doing and managed to hit my car. OK, I take a deep breath; this cannot be Saint Monica's day! As we discuss, we agree only the police will decide who was right and who was wrong on that issue so we head to the police station… too bad that in our way, as I was leading, the last stop we had in our way to the station, the same guy (angry with the parking moment?) didn’t notice the light was turning from green to yellow so he stopped his car... into mine.

So my little car was hit from all directions, when she managed to behave properly all these months.

Forgive me, Kitty, I will always try to protect you, but don’t you agree this was a day with Mars in I don’t know what house of my astral chart?

Fortunately, no human being was physically harmed in all these incidents…not sure if I am not a little disturbed since then, though… Since, with all these, came more than 6 hours of waiting at a line, outside the police station…

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