Wednesday, August 23, 2006

anti ode to moths

I try to think positive lately, and avoid feelings like hatred..But I can't help myself when I see those $%&(%^ insects flying arround...I understood nothing helps against them ( thoroughly clean the house, use lavender in any form, now the last weapon against them is the vacuum cleaner, imagine me... and they are not even the type that eat wool or any textile stuff!)As Anna says here I do not much like moths...Not at all...and I am OK, like Anna says again with the other insects kingdom(thanks God I haven't seen a cockroach in ages...

And when I say that, imagine I am sitting a feet distance from a huge spider that entered my window...since it is evening, it brings luck( superstitious me!) but tomorrow morning I wouldn't be happy to find it here)

I am horrified..and need help.
horrified girl drawing found here

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