Thursday, August 24, 2006

Buenas tardes, Uruguay!

looking through my blog's statistics, I found out somebody from Uruguay visited fleurDUmall last night...

I realised that, besides knowing Uruguay is "America's Switzerland", joined MERCOSUR, a little about Punta del Este, the capital city is Montevideo and its football/ soccer team won some World Cups, I don't know too much about this country..shame on me.

So, some facts for you, assuming you know as much I do about Uruguay:

1. The national slogan is "Freedom or death"

2. There are more women than men in Uruguay ( and they are beautiful indeed!), the population is over 3 million

3. None of the tourism agencies in Romania organizes trips to Uruguay...yet:)

4. Romanian citizens don't need a visa to enter Uruguay

More on Uruguay here, thanks to the CIA

pictures found here and here and here and here

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