Friday, August 11, 2006

been to the MALL 1

...and stared for minutes and minutes at a Kare

do I need it?
is it vital for me?
then how comes I am still standing here?!
pink or blue?
OMG...I have to have it...though I don't...

somebody stop me!


Rajas said...

A very unique and picturesque (literally) creation, Monica.

Some tips for me...too wordy creations of mine.. but you know my subject being what it is, it needs to be that way...

Welcome to MyBlogLog. BTW, you can use their "Recent Visitors" widget. Helps track fellow MyBlogLoggers who sneak into your domain from time to time... (^_^).

Keep in touch, take care, bye.
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Monica said...

too many widgets and banners, already....I am doing a contest( the little drawings don't know yet...:)