Monday, August 21, 2006

The flip flops and the President

Whose flip flops are these?

OK, a normal question for someone close...but when you hear these word on TV, pronounced by the President himself, you can't help yourself bursting into a laugh crisis...

what on earth could make a president ask such a question, knowing he is recorded. besides his wish to be more and more popular?

Is there a list of words you couldn't imagine a president would pronounce?

well, flip flops belobgs to the list, no doubts...

He was at the seaside, for the Navy's Day, doing a walk on a beach...and this flip flops story...

talking about flip flops, Emilia, thanks for the pair you brought from Paris 3 years ago..they still make my day, even if I wear them only in the house...the paillettes are beginning to fall, so I have glittery floors...ain't that cool?

picture found here

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