Saturday, August 19, 2006

saturday morning

It's another Saturday morning that I come home and go to sleep, instead of waking up and sortir

It's another Saturday morning I won't have breakfast but dinner

It's another Saturday morning I will look into the mirror and hate what I see

It's another Saturday morning and I will regret feeling hatred again, when I promised myself I wouldn't do that again

It's another Saturday morning...and it's a hot hot summer..

YEAH! Dana said we're going to the Chineeeeeeeeese rest...but she said no more, I added OK, it's SILENZIO STAMPA, since we both are stampists... so we could laugh at the dinner table...Poli will be there, too... she was on silenzio and more than stampa too...

Miki called, last night and Diana texted...everybody courts me when I sleep...does it mean I am the sleeping beauty?
where's my prince? Sleeping with his toes outside?

blurry picture found here

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