Sunday, January 14, 2007

why cry over the not drunk milk

I remember all those days when I used to spill the milk into the sink, to avoid drinking it, since we were told we have to eat everything in the plate (do yo know children in Africa die of hunger and even here in Romania they would give anything to eat/drink this?) but I could never stand milk. Imagine that nasty liquid with a nastier even film that it developed, when hot...Yeah the legends with milk= 100% calcium and we couldn't get calcium elsewhere ruined some of my mornings...well, years passed, I managed to avoid the warm viscid cups and here I am, happy I was right: studies show most of the adult organisms have no tolerance to lactose an I quote one of the studies: "Since in most persons the body does not continue to secrete large amounts of lactase enzyme after weaning, milk is indigestible by a large majority of the world's population. The term "primary adult lactase deficiency" refers to the NORMAL condition for most people in whom lactase production has practically ceased. The decline begins in youth and continues to decline, but the onset of symptoms varies as to age. "

Then here comes the IHT claiming genetic mutation helps now peoples in the East Africa tolerate again lactose. "A research team led by Sarah Tishkoff of the University of Maryland has now solved much of the puzzle. After testing for lactose tolerance and genetic makeup among 43 ethnic groups in East Africa, she and her colleagues have found three new mutations, all independent of one another and of the European mutation, that keep the lactase gene permanently switched on....The mutations have created one of the strongest genetic signatures of natural selection yet reported in humans, the researchers write."

Now here comes a letter to editors mentioned above, saying "In short, evidence does not support the evolutionary hypothesis of lactase persistence in human adults as a consequence of selection. A founder effect could be a more suitable explanation to justify this trait, and this mechanism does not need the cooperation of natural selection. "
milk bottles found here

Until the reply comes, all I have to say is: drink milk, if you feel like but don't force others to. It seems that the organism knows how to protect itself and gives enough signals if milk is not tolerated. And you can find enough Calcium in almonds, pistachio, walnuts and other food.

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