Monday, January 29, 2007


yeast free bread toasted on a grill, almost freshly squeezed olive oil, blackcurrants, almond&rice milk, Siberian pine seeds, chicory coffee sweetened with honey, orange+grapefruit juice squeezed, of course, by Monica herself...

I eat a lot, almost all the time, to answer Dan's questions, but I quited a long time ago the live to eat slogan for the eat to live one*. Eat to live better, if possible. And it is, if you take into consideration some simple rules I realise Jews or even Ayurveda medicine applied thousands years ago. Not mixing food categories, knowing when you could afford to eat something( don't do like other unhappy creatures that squeeze lemons all day long, for example) and mind the quantity. The organism knows when to stop, do you?

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants...for more details, see Michael Pollan's article in today's International Herald Tribune.

Another news that comes today from the same IHT is that yoga is more and more encouraged in India public schools. If you knew how classes used to start, in Romanian schools, 18 years ago, with all the children singing the national anthem (a very long and dull one!) you could imagine the difference: classes in India begin with the Sun salutation.
But even if this is the country where you could find the most important religions in the world, people still don't want school and religion mixed. Of course they haven't arrived, yet, to something like The French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols (or even the Orthodox icons in the Romanian classes scandal, last year) but this is only because the Hindu nationalists are governing many of the Indian states.


* That doesn't mean I don't crave for other stuff, especially for chocolate, but believe me, a proper diet "ruins" the tastebuds, even bananas seem too sweet to me, what to do with a cup of creamy, thick hot chocolate?

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