Friday, January 12, 2007

Nanny, watch out!

Well, now that I read this, I can afford going on with my life:)
An American mother of two set up an extremely useful Web site for parents who doubt their kids nanny is a fairy or, on the contrary, want the world to know how astonishing their brats are brought up.

Exactly as some companies display signs on their vehicles asking the other drivers to report unsafe drivers, parents can now put license plates on their baby strollers to get feedback on their nannies behaviour. Adults pay 50 dollars for the plate and receive, if the case, a report which they access on the Web site using a password.

If you search deeper, you might find out who's the web site owner: nobody else but a lawyer who prosecutes child abuse and sex crimes, Jill Starishevsky. She came up with the idea after she saw a nanny in a park who, for at least an hour, ignored the two little girls she was looking for. She says the plates aren't a tool against the nannies but how would you feel if some naughty brats reported you on the web for not letting them play with that cute baby you are walking, Mary Poppins, Maria, Nanny Fine, Nanny MCPhee and especially the NY Nanny with the diaries?

Lilys- Nanny in Manhattan

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