Monday, January 29, 2007

nuit vs. jour

According to Evenimentul zilei, a mysterious Romanian woman reveals her sexual fantasies in an erotic diary signed Belle de Nuit. Yes, Belle de Jour lives in London, the night corespondent here, in Romania.
The publishing house, Editura Trei, is the same that brought in Romania The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, so the recipe is easy to follow:
In October 2006, the editors got some excerpts of a diary called Intimate Adventures of a Bucharest Call Girl , from an author that preferred to remain anonymous.

Lily Flower, as she called herself, the author says Belle de Jour inspired her. Her identity is still a mystery for the editors, who negotiated the contract with a lawyer. In fact, the editors were the ones that proposed the Belle de nuit nickname, predictable , huh?
The speculations around Belle de Nuit began, then: porno stars, journalists, female writers and even male ones, who is behind Belle de Nuit? Dan Sociu, who signs the introduction says the book is well written and the fact a lawyer was sent to discuss the publishing conditions proves he/she is not far from this world.
But, of course, the editing house could know very well who Belle de Nuit is, after all this is a game involving money, isn't it?

Belle de Nuit- Exile, for you

Another thing: Belle de Nuit is not blogging, as Belle de Jour is.

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