Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've been tagged!

the most interesting thing about having two blogs is that you get tagged twice, by people who probably don't know that you are bipolar;)
Pam Pas asked me to tell five things people don't know about me.
Since I am quite new in the blogosphere, I imagine I can tell almost everything, pretending it's something hidden about me.

1. I wanted to be a piano player, I studied piano and I had big concerts with the philharmonic orchestra in my native town. Then everybody told me I could end poor if I don't do something else in life, so I quit. I studied Law and then Foreign Affairs, was on the verge of a PhD in Global Economy but stopped, busy with other plans, see point 4. I still have the piano, though
2. Even if you see me chocoholic, here, I don't eat too much chocolate. Hope to do it again, sometimes.
3. I'm the laziest person you've ever met. I enjoy staying in the house for days ( Thanks, God! my job allows me to do that) reading and surfing the web. So lazy I can't find things in the indoors mess. Being bipolar, at job I am the tidiest person they've ever met:)
4. I've seen death two times, so I am quite used to the idea the Dark Lady might come anytime.
5. I knit ( made my first money knitting pullovers and selling them. Now I knit booties for my friends' babies.) Yeah, cast the stones:)

Departe and Gorgeoux, what don't I know about you?

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