Tuesday, January 16, 2007

before bars

Yesterday I bumped into an incarcerated guy letter. Perfect grammar, coherent message, 15 years conviction for a certain Penal Code article mentioned there. Scanned my Penal Law brain drawer realised he killed somebody.
Some hours after, saw some prisoners telling poems. Embarrassing moments for them, I presume, and for those who were listening. I guess it mattered for their files.
TV, some other hours later, prisoners on the screen. Checked my stats, a visit from somebody coming from a 2pac_amaru blog. OK, two times, a coincidence, three, four times what? Was it my prison day? What about you? Are you obsessed by the incarcerated, detention centers and whatever else linked to the society darkest side? visit Prison Flicks, the premier web site devoted to reviewing and discussing prison movies set in or centered around prisons. High seas adventures, action, even love stories. What can you find here: classics like The Great Escape and The Shawshank redemption, other stuff like Jakie Chan's The Prisoner, Sean Connery's The Rock, Chicago the musical, Clooney's O Brother, Where Art Thou? etc.

What, don't we all love seeing inmates as heroes?
song to listen: Stand by your man, the Heike Makatsch version, not the crying Tammy Wynette one:)

hands behind bars pic found here

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