Wednesday, January 31, 2007

busy for 7 Saturdays from now on

Or how to live again wonderful moments, stareing at a TV screen for hours and hours.
Pro Cinema, the only Romanian movie channel ( except for HBO, Hallmark, Romantica and others, that came here from abroad) is keeping our Saturdays busy with 7 marvelous movies, all involving Nikita Mihalkov, the Russian cinema Tzar.
An Unfinished Piece for a Player Piano , A Few Days in the Life of I.I. Oblomov , Five Evenings Without Witness , Stranger at Home, Slave of Love and A Cruel Romance /Girl without dowry( with a special mention here, as I saw this movie probably in 1985, all I remember, besides a scene where everyone was feeling miserable- I can hardly wait to see again the movie, with an adult eyes!-the cinema was so crowded people were sitting on the stairs, and I felt a terrible need to go to the toilet and I was so afraid not to loose anything from the action. Can't recall if I went or waited the movie to end...)
Don't count on me next Saturdays, as I don't have a VCR to get those movies on a tape and the DVD player is, DOH, a player.

A black Russian tea, some biscuits or even cernoslivs* and here is Monica spending her winter nights at home. Who wants to join me?
more about this here, in [RO]
pics found here
*or a Roiboos tea, some baked apples and dry plums, for me, in fact


scrintin said...

in cazul asta, o sa agat si deasupra usii mele un semn de "nu deranjati"

Monica said...

un semn mare...sau, cine vrea, sa intre, sa taca si sa se uite cu ochii mari la ecran si el/ea