Saturday, February 07, 2009

looking for yoga classes?

I know the feeling. While in Romania , I was looking with almost fear to the flyer announcing yoga classes in my neighbourhood. (A long scandal not solved yet, linked to a Romanian Guru.) Then I found a class held by Irina, a Romanian who spent many years in London. All OK, except the cold in that room. I simply didn't wish too much to continue. Then my private teacher, with the techniques that helped me heal from a horrible disease. Then Mexico. Yoga classes almost on every street. Neither in the day/on the hour I wish. I found the AgoraLucis place,here in Polanco, on La Fontaine, where  they have classes even in a glass pyramid. Cool, but then we joined a Club where I could do more than yoga, so I had to leave. Yoga every day at 11! What a blessing! There I was, Araceli was teaching us almost the same asanas that were good fo my health problems, we were there, relaxed, who could be more happier. Me, going there, last Tuesday, jumping like a grasshoper, until, as I was late, I realsied the people weren'tt using mats and the woman in white named Araceli was a man in black. No, it was not a holdup, a TaiChi class which I couldn't attend, as I went there barefoot. Then the Club's programme changed, the classes are only 2 days a week, not all 5, and here I am again without yoga as I dreamed: every day, the I want, not too early, not too late, in a lighted warm  room.
Going to the club, now, to get the programme for February and see what can I do with my life.
By the way, you could do yoga at one of the dozens Instituto Mexicano de Yoga schools too. Just search the areas they cover.
If you are based in Condesa and you are looking for hatha yoga classes on Saturday, here's a tip.

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