Wednesday, February 18, 2009

help me understand mexicans

Here I was, this morning, at the Club where we go, waiting for the Aquqgym teacher to arrive. Like the past Friday, she didn't show up neither at 11 when the program say we should all begin move our bones deep into water, nor at 11.40 when I realise the all the classes began until now (what if the sun burns harder?)
Here she came at sharp 12, telling me the class will not begin because, please sit down- I don't want my readers to faint- in 15 minutes they will charge her more for the parking. I was this close to tell her: here are 15 pesos for that damn hour, but I couldn't move, speak, think farther. Here it is anot so cheap club, here is a coach paid to hold classes every day, here she comes telling me I don't know what Mister Vasconcelos talked to her for more than half an hour, and then the parking bomb. 

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