Thursday, January 15, 2009

useless mexican police

While people are assaulted on the streets, while drivers are left without the cars at street corners, while families are left without children for weeks and get a piece of the victim's ear or finger for some million of pessos, I was stopped at a corner because I claxoned. I did it because at every corner somebody jumps on my car to clean it. My car is cleaned every week with proper products and I don't intend neither to get a scratched or dirtier car, nor to see a pistol pointing my head. I claxoned, the policeman stopped me and asked for my papers. This time I was lucky. Next time I could be killed. Policemen are there only when you don't let the guys "clean" your car. Mexico has ten kinds of "policias". Could I know, please, what are they doing? 


El chango Feli said...

The first thing you have to know to live without suffering in Mexico City, is that Mexico City is a surrealistic place.

Monica said...

hey, thank you, but then i have to read supplementary books on surrealism!