Saturday, October 18, 2008

this is not a dead blog!

I just didn't have too much time to blog in two languages, with all the things that happened, in the last months.
Briefly: I am in Mexico City and I intend to share with you my experience here.
It's so much fun and also some fear. Yeah, the security blah blah, my paranoia and the rest.
I did see some of the city but it will take months to visit everything. Not to mention the time one'd need to discover the whole country.
keep you posted!
PS: that's me, on one of the beautiful benches on Passeo de la Reforma.


The Pianist said...

Nice photo... A giant bird watching a Beautiful Woman.

gorgeoux said...

The picture of happiness :) You must know you're glowing, I won't insist. Well done! Can't wait for further bits and bobs :*