Monday, November 06, 2006

what a girl wants...

or how can a nun have sex but get her soul into Heaven[ Romanian saying]

a Romanian teenager swallowed her tootbrush in an attempt to tickle her throat...all she wanted is to puke up what she ate before, for which woman doesn't want to be skinny?

she succeeded in tickling her throat so thoroughly that she swallowed the object.

Dear skinny- wanabe will now perform surgery...have a nice scar on her chest...because nobody in Romania teaches children anything on diet...or other many health related topics.
[ of course there are a lot of "..." other women who think they can avoid diet by squeezing tons of lemons and drink that sour stuff, but still eat rubbish 5 times a day]
video including the X ray in [RO] on PRO TV

horrifying anorexic girl, thanks to pintendo, here, on deviantart


mariusiionita said...

te'll me, that's a joke?

Monica said...

no, the story not. see
the poor girl is a nature joke, I presume...