Monday, November 06, 2006

digging for serendipity

Isaac Newton's famed apple falling from a tree led to his musings about the nature of gravitation

this is of the most difficult to translate into other languages English word, they say...[ in Romanian I would suggest unde dai si unde crapa]

Science is, probably, the field where serendipity is more common...

I don't believe in serendipity in love and I don't call serendipity a thing where I thought I could find love, honesty and truth but discovered insanity, lies and dirt, lots of dirt...

As a blonde long haired woman I, of course, applaud the Velcro discovery, made by Georges de Mestral. The idea came to him after walking his dog through a field and observing the hooks of burdock attached to his pants else could my hair look the way it looks? :)

"Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a needle and discovering a farmer's daughter." Julius Comroe Jr.

LATER EDIT: SINCE I'VE GOT THIS SPAM a comment for this post: 'once you´re heart has start beating for someone, it will nevere cease doing it excerpt not from the depths of newton´s toughts...' I realised I could call that story serendipity indeed, as I searched for love and truth and bumped into dirt and lies...

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